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Connect your portfolios, monitor them and find personalized news and information in one app

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The only app you'll ever need

Enough with thousands of websites and apps

All your investments in one place, with news and social network at hand and algorithms able to personalize the content for you

Make your clients' lives easy

Integrate FIRE into your platform: APIs, dashboards, news, social network and Artificial Intelligence at your disposal, everything you need to make your clients' lives easier


We listen to our users and work with them to improve their experience on our platform


Save time and money! Stop managing your investments across dozen of different applications


Find information that matters for you, based on your interests, portfolios, goals in a click

Invest better

Profits, costs, risk, diversification: control anything you need to invest better!

Go social

Not only news and articles, but also a glimpse into the hottest discussions on social media and across the web


Connect your portfolios on FIRE and track them easily

Automatically add portfolios, both traditional and crypto ones, and access a detailed dashboard and suite of monitoring tools

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Burn It, the Artificial Intelligence that personalize contents for you

Find the latest news and most interesting social media posts and find those that better serve your interests and goals with our Burn It

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