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The world of finance is changing...


Financial barriers and fees have fallen. This allowed billions of people to access new services like opening a bank account or invest on the stock market


Crypto and "Do it yourself" brought a huge change: your investments are in your hands, you do not depend on intermediaries anymore

Social "Wisdom"

Social networks changed the way we learn and get informed about anything, especially about financial services and financial products

Open Finance

Governments forced the financial world to open up: banks and intermediaries gave back data to their rightful owners and this will continue in the coming years what?

Endless apps

Thousands of new apps, brokers, banks and services have been born in the last decade.
Now, each of us as on average 12 financial apps on their smartphones!

Endless sources

"Do it yourself" also means "Figure it out by yourself"! Not only the financial world is already complicated, but with hundread of thousands of websites and influencers it is even more complicated now

Our mission

Make your life easier when managing your finances









Our name is inspired by the global movement that inspired and helped millions of people in pursuing their financial independence over the last 30 years

Our values


If we are not here for you, why are we here?


The world of finance is complicated, let's make it simple


From a great power...

Big dreams

We are never enough, always strive for more

Who we are

We are a startup of young talents and sea wolves.
Innovation and experience that unite to create something new with a single purpose: managing our investments in a simpler way!

Our founders

Foto Founder Mastromauro Luigi

Luigi Stefano Mastromauro

Founder & CEO

Raimondo Fanale


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